Work  Strategic designs from PAOS

Over the course of the last forty years or so, PAOS has worked with more than one hundred companies: developing new businesses, creating corporate philosophies and strategies, building brand strategy and system designs. Our work has also included turnaround operations, organizational restructuring and the corporate identity and brand identity of public organizations.

PAOS' track record in  business development


Sekisui Heim

PAOS' track record in business resuscitation

Kenwood Corporationm

Matsuya Ginza

PAOS' track record in philosophy and strategy creation

Itochu Corporation

Bridgestone Corporation

Benesse Corporation

PAOS' track record as brand strategist


Mitsui Rehouse

PAOS' track record in organizational restructuring



The Mainichi Newspapers

PAOS' track record in system design

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd


PAOS' track record in public agency innovation

Kanagawa Prefectural Government


Oyama Hibikinosato

PAOS' track record in visual identity creation

Outstanding symbols are the distillation of ideas

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