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Copyright and trademark protection

The copyright, trademarks and trade names relevant to all text, images, designs, graphs and other copyrighted material (“ontents”hereunder) presented on the PAOS website shall revert to PAOS and/or the licensor, clients included.

The use (duplication, alteration, distribution, sale, downloading and/or circulation) of site contents, without the prior written approval of PAOS is expressly prohibited, beyond the extent permitted by law such as personal use. You are advised that problems may arise depending on the purpose for and/or means by which such contents are used, even in cases where such is legally permissible.

PAOS provides links to third-party Internet services via its website. These links do not imply endorsement or support of these Internet services and PAOS accepts no responsibility in connection with the use of same.

Visitors are advised that contents posted on the PAOS website may be subject to modification and/or deletion without notice.

Intellectual property rights

The intellectual property rights to any brands, logos, designs or other deliverables provided to client companies (clients) in the course of PAOS projects revert to the client upon receipt of payment (“ontract authorization”hereunder).

Of the copyright and human rights that are recognized as a part of intellectual property rights, PAOS waives its right to display the company name and requires prior approval from the client in respect of the disclosure of project content in manuscripts, magazine features and/or press releases.
(Note, however, that this disclaimer does not apply to information that is already in the public domain or to projects on which approval for disclosure has previously been obtained.)

Those designers with copyright and human rights to the deliverables presented in the “PAOS works”pages are listed as co-creators.


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