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Privacy Policy

Motoo NAKANISHI Office, i.e. PAOS (“this company” hereunder), is conscious of its responsibility to protect and safeguard the confidentiality of the personal information pertaining to clients and their businesses that has been entrusted to us, has formulated and adheres to the basic privacy policy outlined below.

  1. This company is guided by the statute and other standards applying to the handling of personal information pertaining to clients, client businesses and our employees.
  2. This company will collect, by appropriate means, any personal information deemed necessary to our business activities. Unless otherwise permitted by law, this company acknowledges the right to advise and/or disclose details on the uses to which such personal information is put and will use said information within these bounds.
  3. All our employees understand the importance of protecting and safeguarding personal information and are trained to handle such information in an appropriate manner.
  4. This company has taken appropriate steps to prevent unauthorized access to any personal information in our custody and to safeguard such information against its loss, destruction, falsification and/or leakage.
  5. Unless otherwise permitted by law, this company will not provide any personal information to a non-affiliated third party without first obtaining the prior authorization of the party concerned.
  6. When we subcontract the handling of personal information to a third party, we manage and supervise the third party to realize proper management of such information.
  7. Any requests to disclose, correct and/or delete personal information held by this company will be dealt with promptly and within rational limits upon proper identity verification.
  8. Our management policy and procedures regarding the protection of personal information are subject to regular review and we are committed to making all necessary improvements.


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