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PAOS in education

Educational activities utilizing PAOS' heuristics

Since its founding, PAOS' research efforts have proceeded hand in hand with our practice, and our investigations into CI, business administration and design, corporate dealings with society at large, corporate culture, bureaucratic culture and so on, are an ongoing undertaking. The materials, information and know-how that we have accumulated through this research are a valuable global resource, both in terms of their quantity and their quality, and the results of our globally-networked information gathering and cooperative research endeavors have been published in a variety of formats. These works have had an immeasurable impact on the fields of design and corporate identity in Japan, in Asia and throughout the world.

â– Nakanishi giving a lecture to students at Academyhills

â– Nakanishi giving a lecture to students at the Waseda University Business School

Students of all ages and from all walks of life are enthusiastic and highly-motivated learners.

Waseda University

Waseda University Open Education Center, "Brand Design Management"

Waseda University Project Research Institute

Waseda University Project Research Institute of "Strategic Design"


Academyhills "Brand Strategy Management Course" (2003.4 - 2007.3)

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